sustainable investing

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Sustainable Investing Strategies

  • Sound environmental, social and governance policies can help prevent potential problems in a company's operations or business model.
  • Companies on the leading edge of environmental responsibility can also take advantage of opportunities that other companies may not have considered, often resulting in cost reductions, quality improvements, increased profitability or access to new and growing markets.
  • Nearly every company has the potential to be green. Many companies in which I invest do not fit the traditional definition of a "green" company and do not operate in industries typically viewed as environmentally proactive. There are companies that are not focused on the environment, but are responsibly managing their environmental impact.
  • I also review a company's corporate governance profile, because we recognize the influence that governance practices can have on a company's performance. Some factors we review in our research process include:
    • Director independence
    • Board and management diversity
    • Executive pay
    • Environmental policy and management system
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Resource use reduction programs (e.g., recycling)
    • Waste reduction and management
    • Environmental attributes of products
    • Fair worker compensation and benefits
    • Worker environment, health and safety programs

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