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TD Ameritrade Institutional is our principal custodian for client assets under management. All accounts are fully insured and the separate property of the client.

Robert Hunter Registered Investment Advisor is now
Marin Wealth Advisors .
Please visit us at our new financial services web site.

Working With A Registered Investment Advisor

robert hunter

Professional Investment Management with NO Commission and NO Conflicts of Interest

I am a Registered Investment Advisor, successfully managing individual, family, business and non-profit investments in Marin, the San Francisco Bay Area, and across the country for over 25 years.

I work with my clients to manage their money in a way that is consistent with their investment goals. I do not try to beat an imaginary index.  I work to prevent losses and seek to maximize return on investment without taking unnecessary risk.

No Commission, No Conflicts

  • I do not charge commissions on transactions in advisory accounts.
  • Clients pay only a low annual fee based on the assets in their accounts, eliminating the conflict of interest that brokers have with their clients.  (Nominal transaction costs may occur.)


  • As a Registered Investment Advisor I meet with you to provide detailed reporting of your investment performance and activity, and to review investment strategy.
  • Clients receive clear, concise performance reporting quarterly on all their investment accounts, as well as monthly activity statements.

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