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TD Ameritrade Institutional is our principal custodian for client assets under management. All accounts are fully insured and the separate property of the client.

Robert Hunter Registered Investment Advisor is now
Marin Wealth Advisors .
Please visit us at our new financial services web site.

25 Years Building Client Wealth

Robert Hunter, Registered Investment Advisor:

  • Over 25 Years Experience with an outstanding record managing family wealth
  • Independent financial advice and Investment Management
  • Bay Area Wealth Manager committed to providing the best opportunity to improve clients’ investment results
  • Investing for Retirement and Retirement Income Planning
  • Saving and Investing for Education

Are you looking for an Investment Advisor who:

  • Has the experience to manage your investments through good and bad markets
  • You can speak to directly when you have questions about your investments
  • Feels it’s his responsibility to keep fees as low as possible
  • Provides advice on your 401(k) plan investments and 529 College Savings plan investments

Robert Hunter, independent local financial advisor is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor solely focused on helping clients meet their investment goals, consistent with their risk profile. 

Commissioned brokers and planners have sales goals and other agendas that may not be in their client’s best interest. As a registered investment advisor we have only one goal: to give clients the best financial advice to help them meet all of their investing goals.

Because I am independent and fee based only, I provide my clients with dependable service and independent investment advice without the conflict of interest inherent with a commission based broker or planner. For over 25 years, I have managed my clients' money with a focus on cost effectiveness and tax efficiency.

Please consider two ways of working with me, Investment Management or Investment Consulting

The global investment environment is very difficult. Do you have time to closely manage your investments, preventing losses and improving income?
This is a critical time to get a Second Opinion on your Investments.